Autonomous Robotic Inspection System

    Autonomous mobility platform
    SLAM technology with indoor/outdoor adaptability
    6 DOF robotic arm for complex scenarios
    Multiple sensors enable various inspection purposes

  • About us

    Youibot is committed to achieving intelligent safety, providing professional autonomous inspection robots - ARIS.
    ARIS has autonomous mobility platform with SLAM technology, with in-door/out-door adaptability. It also got robotic arm to fit in complex scenarios, and challenging tasks. Multiple sensor set mount on the arm enable the various inspection purposes, and provides more accurate and consistent inspection results.
    Youibot is founded by 4 Ph.D students from robotic major, Xi'an Jiaotong University, one of the top technology university in China. Founders are various awards and prizes winners in robotic and EE competitions. The mentors are the university professors, with endorsement from regional and national robotic lab.
    Youibot got accelerated by HAX, co-incubated by Michelin Future Journey program, which is aiming to provide more enjoyable and safe transportation services.

  • Products


    Outdoor Patrol

    RTK + SLAM

    6 DOF ARM

    Multiple Sensors

    Modulized Platform

    Indoor Service

    NLUI + GUI

    Indoor SLAM

    ROS Extension

    Omni-directional mobile chassis

    SLAM Module

    LiDar based SLAM

    Multi-mobile options

    Best Performance

    Cost Efficiency


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